All’s Right With the World

I was sitting behind a car at a stoplight today and it had a huge sticker in the rear window:

I had no clue what this was so I looked it up. Apparently it’s from an anime series called Neon Genesis Evangelion. I guess NERV is an organization that fights angels…? Someone feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. Regardless, that’s not the point. I got to thinking about the statement being made.

“God’s in his Heaven, all’s right with the world.”

First, I guess there isn’t a single place I’d rather that god be – if a god exists. The implication I see is that if god were somewhere other than Heaven, all would not be right with the world. I mean if you look at what happens when god starts messing around on Earth, it’s pretty safe to say that humans are better off when he stays home and calls in sick.

Second, you can interpret the word “right” in different ways. For instance, people have been asked to imagine what we would expect the world to look like if there were no god(s) personally involved. Natural disasters, murder, predation, diseases, not enough habitable land mass…that kind of thing. If that’s how you’d expect the world to be without gods then it’s reasonable to say that everything is, in fact, right. The world is working exactly how we’d expect it to work, so god must be in his Heaven and staying out of trouble.

Now, if you were to interpret the word “right” as how you’d expect the world to work if there were god(s) involved then I think you’ve got a strange concept of the purpose of a personal god. If your idea of a personal god is one who designs a world purposely so that more than 70% is uninhabitable by humans inside of a universe that is more than 99.99999999999999999999% uninhabitable by most anything then your god must be a prankster or a child. If you believe in a malicious god or an immature god then I guess everything’s fine for you. Carry on.

I, for one, feel that because I think most definitions of gods are detestable or ridiculous it is much better for everyone if those gods just stay their asses in Heaven and don’t interfere with what’s going on down here. We may be brutal, selfish, and ignorant animals but from what I’ve seen we’re capable of righting more wrongs in more effective ways than any god. If I were the praying type of person, I’d probably pray something like:

Dear god(s),

Thank you for staying out of our business down here. We’ve got it pretty much under control.


So aside from all of the god stuff in this post, I’d like to take this opportunity to say that my life is great and all really is right with my world. Have a great Monday, everyone!



  1. Without God, man is prone to mass murder as the 20th century atheists have shown.  With God, mankind gets the greatest, most tolerant most just civilization in human history as Christian Western Civilization has shown.

    It isn’t reasonable to taint Christianity or the Creator with anime flights of fantasy.

  2. @LoBornlytesThoughtPalace – LOL! With god, man is prone to mass murder. Even without god, man would be prone to mass murder in god’s name.

    What’s your standard of greatness? While there’s nothing wrong with being proud of your country, it’s not entirely true that Christian Western civilization exemplifies peace and tolerance. Look at the secular European countries and compare crime rates, amount of involvement in war, etc. I think you’ll find that majority Christian countries (or those with a state religion) don’t compare favorably.

  3. @CoderHead – That’s just a myth created by the atheist mass murderers to cover their crimes by blaming others.

    There was never any Christian sanctioned mass murder on the order of the 20th century atheists.

    The Inquisition which lasted 350 years saw 2000 people killed.  The 20th century atheists murdered 100,000,000 in less than 50 years.

    That demonstrates clearly that religion attenuates the baser nature of man while atheism encourages man’s baser instincts.

  4. @LoBornlytesThoughtPalace – So you’re arguing that if someone is religious they may still kill people but it won’t be quite so bad? Killing one person is bad! If you claim to be the child of a loving god but you kill someone you’ve not only committed murder but proven yourself a hypocrite and a liar. Are you saying that if the non-believer kills two (or ten) people and the believer only kills one, then it was their religion that “attenuated” the believer’s base nature and it’s therefore better to be a religious murderer? That’s idiotic.

  5. @CoderHead – I am arguing that it is man who is violent not Christianity. It man who incites himself to violence.

    I also argue that Christianity has a civilizing effect on man which attenuates his violent nature.

    There is nothing in atheism that benefits man. That’s why the greatest mass murders have been committed by atheists.

    Atheism is man unbound.