An Unabashed Merry Christmas

I have no reservations about saying “Merry Christmas” to people or having it said to me. The truth is, a majority of the population in this country celebrates Christmas. Even if someone doesn’t celebrate it they’re aware that this time of year marks the celebration of the major holiday known as Christmas. Saying “Happy Holidays” and “Merry Christmas” is really interchangeable…unless you’re a hardcore, right-wing conservative Christian (also known as “Fox News host”). To me, “Merry Christmas” has become as generic as “Kleenex.”

That’s why I can’t understand all of the controversy over the holidays every single year at this time. Greet people however you want, why does anybody care? The important thing is not the words you say but the feeling behind it. If someone wishes you Happy Holidays they’re being nice. Why, then, would you turn around and bite at them? Just take it for what it is and move along.

Everybody knows I don’t believe in god and Jesus (I’ve certainly not hid that fact), but when someone tells me Merry Christmas I don’t bat an eye. They’re wishing me well, not trying to convert me (unless they actually are trying to convert me). I take it as a heartfelt greeting of good intention. There’s no need to read into it any more than that.

And so, to all of my friends, family, and subscribers: Merry Christmas, happy Jonmas, and a very happy and prosperous New Year!