Creation Museum Lunacy

According to the Creation Museum, T-Rex ate coconuts.

Mmmmm, coconuts!

Yeah, that’s right, the gigantic, serrated, flesh-ripping teeth lining the mouth of the T-Rex were used to crack open the tough shells of coconuts. Will creationists ever realize how stupid they sound? Will they ever give up their cartoon-worthy apologetics of outdated, ignorant views of the world? Will I ever stop laughing at them? Not likely, on any count.

Having heard this news I have to wonder if the shark ate seaweed with its rows upon rows of death triangles? Perhaps the lion enjoyed bamboo alongside the panda? All I know is that the people who make this crap up and the people who eat it up like candy are deluded. If you’re one of them, I’m sorry to be so blunt about it but seriously…this is insane. And so are you.



  1. Pfft!
    How could you NOT see that T-rexes obviously ate coconuts. The sharp teeth are perfect for cracking that tough shell open. Duuuh! That’s also how human’s realized that coconuts taste awesome. Scavaging the T-rex’s left overs.

    Recent studies have also shown that raptors actually MADE their own salads! Those giant toe nail claws were used to shred up leafy greens. I mean, they didn’t have knifes back then and how else are you supposed to chop up a cucumber.

  2. Creationists are so…stupid. That’s the best word for them. Either that, or delusional. They make up these bizarre claims to fit their bronze age fables and then try to get them taught in schools. They’re crazy.

  3. Woah.  I’m positive that dinosaurs with serrated teeth used them for the same reasons that shark with serrated teeth and massive rows of them, use them for.  Eating bleeding creatures.  *shrug*  There’s no 2 ways about it.

  4. @NightCometh – I’d be interested to know how you reconcile dinosaurs with your Creationist view. I’m actually just curious to know what you think in regard to the complete extinction of the dinosaurs – when did it happen, and how/why?