Drumpf Needs a Hug

Joshua Feuerstein is a “Christian” pastor who has completely lost his mind over Donald Drumpf and has been reveling in the new era where bigots and morons are emboldened to speak what’s on their tiny little minds.  In fact, I honestly don’t think you can call him a Christian anymore; he’s something more like a Drumpfian™.  This has clearly become his religion.  None of his posts to date have shown this to me more clearly than a recent picture he put up with Jesus hugging a dejected-looking Donald Drumpf in the Oval Office:

Feuerstein's Drumpf Hug
All the cluelessness of a Christian encapsulated in a single image.

This is beyond weird.  It borders on clinically insane. Having been posted by someone who basically thinks Drumpf is Jesus, the depiction unintentionally confirms several thoughts I already have about Drumpf and his minions:

  1. He’s a sad, pouty little man-baby who really needs a hug, but
  2. He’s uncomfortable showing weakness so he won’t even hug Jesus back
  3. He has absolutely no wisdom and the only way he’ll ever get some is via miracle
  4. His supporters accidentally acknowledge that Drumpf really isn’t a Christian; if he were, he would already be filled with the Holy Spirit
  5. His supporters really wish they could vote for Jesus to be president, which illustrates their complete cluelessness as to who and what Jesus even was
  6. He and his supporters are both more concerned about the “fiery darts” of truth-seekers within our country than the very real threats of poverty, hunger, illness, and death
  7. He and his supporters think America is god’s favorite country, but
  8. He and his supporters are at war with the majority of people in America (“the enemy”)
  9. He and his supporters have no idea how to use words. What are “the enemies of wickedness?”

This last point really gets me.  I’m pretty sure Joshie just stumbled over the keyboard when he typed out this last sentence and meant to say something about defeating both the enemies and wickedness (or the wicked enemies, who are hurling “fiery darts” or something).  However, I take a different approach to this sentence.

Today’s Christianity is, in fact, wickedness and people like me who oppose the establishment of a theocracy and the further oppression of vulnerable people are, in fact, enemies of that wickedness.  I will continue to unapologetically oppose the religious fanatics in America and work to strengthen the wall between church and government.