God’s My Plumber

Honestly, what the hell? I can understand the “God created me” mentality. I can tolerate the “God loves me” attitude. But what in the bloody shit is this?

God's Plumbing
“God’s 24/7 Plumbing Service. Your wait time is approximately 3 days.”

There’s no way I could not comment on something like this! It makes me want to punch a kitten (although because I dislike cats, this isn’t a huge stretch). Have we really gotten this far removed from reality that we attribute unclogged toilets to GOD’S FAVOR? Please quit it, people. Please!



  1. I could go on for hours about why I stopped going to church a while back.  Similar instances with a pastor.  she preached about daily things.. any hoo, nice response.

  2. @BenelliMan – Out of curiosity, how much mundane “daily thing” preaching is too much? The person who posted the note above truly believes that god has his hand in literally everything…even her toilet, obviously. She says everyone should praise god practically every time they are able to take a breath because god’s the only reason you’re breathing.

    You simply cannot reason with people like that. My response went over her head and a debate ensued over why I was angry with god. Bleh.

  3. @CoderHead –  We’ve talked about this before. I feel bad that you’re in that kind of environment.  I bet it feels like you’re the only sane person in a looney bin.  I think trying to shove shit down people’s throat is uncalled for and I’m paraphrasing here, but Jesus said to dust off yo sandals and move on if they’re not willing to hear it.

    Why are these people tormenting you?  There’s GOT to be some law that stops them from saying shit like that around you.  I know in California, if you were to talk to someone about religion/evangelizing at the work place, it creates a “hostile working environment” and HR will handle them fast.
    Ladies like that not only surprise me, but scares me.  My pastor talked about how her on her car broke at the mechanics and she had no money.  She said she prayed about it, but a man who overheard the conversation, out of the goodness of his heart, paid the service fee for her.  She thanked God and said it was HIS WILL that her car was fixed.  I raised my hand and asked “What if that man was a buddhist or a good Samaritan?”  she basically put two index fingers (not literally), one in each ear, and went “la la la lala la la la la la la la” …………. I felt like why even bother?  I left that church.

  4. Damnit i went off topic.  To your question “how much mundane ‘daily thing’ preaching is too much?”

    Just from it being a daily mundane thing in itself is too much.  They need to take they asses to church for the word, and I’m sure this is blasphemy, but thanking God for EVERY single GOOD that happens in her life??  What if she was raped.  Would she thank God for that sort of horrible experience?  What if her children were ruthlessly murdered by a cold hearted person who did not “change” his heart in the electric chair, would she then still have the same daily thankfulness? 

    People like that only THINK like that because they’re sheltered.  If they love God so much, I’d same “Come to LA, bitch, and evangelize in Skidrow or go to Gary, Indiana, Baltimore, Washington DC, get rid of ALL your worldly possession since it doesn’t follow you to heaven because everything is STORED in heaven for you. Since you believe SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much, what’s stopping you?”

    But then that’s just me.

  5. @BenelliMan – Thanks for the clarification. I can appreciate your view on the matter and it would be great if more people viewed their religion as a personal thing, not to be imposed on others. You and @jmallory are like the coolest believers I’ve ever seen.

    I’ve asked myself about the disparity in the believer’s mind regarding thankfulness for good things and deflection for bad things. I don’t know that there’s really an answer for it but I can almost guarantee that this woman wouldn’t give thanks to god if her son or daughter were murdered or brutalized.

    As for laws against the preachiness of these people, there’s no reason for that. It’s Facebook and she has the right to say what she wants. I also have the right to disagree as I did here. Luckily, conversations with this particular woman have stayed friendly (albeit frustrating).

  6. @CoderHead – Hrm… on FB…  HR/Sociology here.  If it bothers ya, and it will sooner or later, I’d prt screen that post and show it was during work hours.. but do it at home, and not on company’s time or money (for it costs the company time and money to print and it’ll also show you as the culprit of FBing during workin hours) and depending on the size of the company, ask to see the Company’s Code of Conduct regarding internet usage via company’s time.  

    Through semantics, it can be taken as evangelizing on company’s time which means “good bye”

  7. @BenelliMan – Doubtful. We have employees here who put Bible verses in their e-mail signature and nobody bats an eyelash. I’m honestly not that concerned about it and don’t raise a fuss because with the religious air of the Midwest I could just as easily lose my job by bringing it up. Employers in Missouri can legally fire you without cause.

  8. @CoderHead – dayam~~~~ Fuck Missouri.  I mean, other than their awesome gun laws and personal protection laws… less tax… an economy that’s more stable than California’s… and education system that makes California’s look like a joke… cheaper gas, fresh, clean air, … 

    Over here, I’m scared as hell to put bible verses, not that I would, but if I wanted to on my email.  I’d get fired WITH a cause for that.