Oh, You Silly Catholics!

So I just saw a TIME article on a priest in Geneva involved in two things:

  1. Making rules for how the Catholic Church will handle sexual abuse cases, and
  2. Sexually abusing young boys.

“Ooh yeah, just like that baby!”

What…the…fuck?! Who knows if it’s true but if it is it has to be the most horrifying and disgusting case of abuse by the Catholic Church ever. I mean, it’s horrible and disgusting when someone in a position of power abuses that power and preys on children anyway, but isn’t there some kind of amplification of horribleness when the abuser is one of the people on the committee for deciding how to stop sexual abuse and punish offenders? Come on!

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. This type of thing is common fodder. I just can’t help but think that if this is true then there’s absolutely no hope for the Catholic Church at all and the people sucked into its moral black hole are all doomed. Why are people still Catholic??

Why Catholic? I don’t know!!

Oh, and I have a headache. Have a nice day!



  1. I have a strong feeling that we will see a pope who finally gives the ok for priests to marry in the near future. I think that is what will save the image of the Catholic Church.

  2. @jmallory – I have an honest question. Do you think allowing priests to marry will solve (or at least partially solve) the problem? This may be an ignorant statement, but the priests aren’t going after women; they’re preying on boys. Is there a bigger problem than simple sexual repression there?

  3. @tendollar4ways – Par for the course with organized religion though, yes? A complete lack of accountability and no sense of personal responsibility. Because hey, it won’t matter in the afterlife anyway so long as you’ve accepted Jesus!


  4. @CoderHead – Religion is an Excellent racket. That Camping fellow scammed 50 million out of his “congregation” and he cannot be brought up on any charges. He can just waltz his way to the bank, say he made a mistake and run the whole scam again for another 6 months.

    All organised religion is headed by Ponzi Pope’s.

  5. @CoderHead – My honest opinion is that the problem is the sexual repression itself. It isn’t that these men have gross obsessions with young boys. It’s that they are looking for someone who can easily be abused. Many priests also have affairs with nuns, and even some women in the church. I guess there was a study done showing that 50 percent of priests are releasing homosexual desires as well- though that study may be biased. It takes a real special person to be a priest. Not just someone who has a heart for ministry.