Proud to be American? Pssht!

[EDIT] I timestamped this because I added an awesome picture of O’Reilly explaining the Beck situation at the bottom. Scroll down, pinheads!

Glenn Beck’s show is going away. For most reasonably intelligent people this would be a “who cares” kind of moment. However, seeing the poll on the NY Times story, I can’t help but lose that much more faith in America. An overwhelming majority of idiots Americans are sad that Beck is leaving Fox.

Beck compares himself to Paul Revere in a completely inane, nonsense comment about how Revere didn’t want to make a career out of riding his horse and yelling about lobsterbacks. Glenn Beck, the true patriot:

“When I took this job I didn’t take it because it was going to be a career for me,” Beck said.

“Paul Revere did not get up on the horse and say, ‘I’m going to do this for the rest of my life.’ He didn’t do it. He got off the horse at some point and fought in the Revolution, and then he went back to silversmithing.”

And this guy has a huge audience (his show was 3rd in the rankings) that thinks he was insightful and smart? I’m moving to the moon.



  1. @LoBornlytesThoughtPalace – That’s a nice delusion you’ve got there. America is a country whose inhabitants mostly profess some type of Christian faith. America is absolutely not a Christian nation.

    And which Christian values should I accept? Exclusion? Oppression? Subservience? Ignorance of reality? No thanks, I’ll pass.

  2. @LoBornlytesThoughtPalace – I’m sure you’ve been engaged in this debate before and I’m sure no manner of reason could dissuade you from your (IMO, wrong) opinion. This blog post isn’t about Christianity’s role in the founding of America, it’s about how ignorant Americans flock to programs like Glenn Beck’s (and O’Reilly, Hannity, et al) where he spews nothing but stupidity and falsehoods…and calls it “news.”

  3. @LoBornlytesThoughtPalace – If you watch Glenn Beck and think it’s serious news then yes, I’m talking about you. Beck is a sensationalist clown and he knows it…but you don’t. He says what you want to hear, but at twice the volume than is necessary.

    I don’t write my blog for people to pat me on the back. I write it because it’s what’s on my mind. If you want to discuss the reasons for Beck’s program being so factual and intelligent, please do.

  4. @LoBornlytesThoughtPalace – I didn’t invalidate anything based on a single statement. I asked you what, specifically, he has presented that is factual and intelligent. Most recently, with regard to history since you brought the subject up. If you want to show that Beck knows something, cite examples.

  5. @LoBornlytesThoughtPalace – To what end did Beck spend time exposing this lie about colored people being Democrats? Who was perpetuating it and what did it matter? How did he go about “exposing” this lie?

    That’s about as helpful as proving that Christianity is the religion of slavery (which anyone could do in a few short minutes). Who cares? What is it going to change?

    Actually, if you could provide links or quotes to some Beck facts I’d be happy enough.

  6. @LoBornlytesThoughtPalace – That’s obviously painting with a broad brush. There are bigoted Democrats just like there are evolution-denying atheists. Big deal. However, I have to say that my experience tells me (and I have TONS of Republican friends and family members – I might be one of the only independents I know) that Republicans are typically white, typically religious, don’t want homosexuals to have equal rights, aren’t keen on blacks and Hispanics, and worship Ronald Reagan. I’m not making that up.

    And even though that’s my personal experience, I don’t need Glenn Beck to tell me that it doesn’t apply to every single person. That’s just common sense. So…I still fail to see where Beck comes off as some bastion of truth and reason.

  7. @LoBornlytesThoughtPalace – No, dummy. I’m saying that Democrats who call all Republicans bigots, etc. are the ones painting with a broad brush. I wasn’t even talking about you. Let me ask you this, though: how is that any different in the slightest from Republicans painting all Democrats as socialist, baby-killing hedonists? Because, you know, Republicans do.

  8. @LoBornlytesThoughtPalace – I’m not slinking away, this is my blog. I’m refusing to engage you any further in conversation because you’ve done everything you can to show me that you’re ill-equipped to reason. Thanks for your time. Any further comments by you on this post will be deleted.

  9. @LoBornlytesThoughtPalace – “So if you wish to stay here you need to accept Christian values as part of the culture.”

    Just like the American Indians who were forced to the brink of extinction and still maintain a MASSIVE 1% of the American population. From the Christian Convert or DIE Tactics, or the Christian “Manifest Destiny” God ordained we Steal the land and murder the people?

    Yeah that’s JUST what we need to go back to…

    Thank you Curtis for your religious insights into the backwater regions of the brain

  10. @LoBornlytesThoughtPalace – “American Indians in the United States were not driven to extinction.  Quite the contrary.”

    Um I SAID: “were forced to the brink of extinction” and in MANY cases WERE made Extinct especially in the southern West coast region and in some areas Scattered out through the east coast and traditional south there were many tribal extinctions. The US government Actively seeks to terminate tribal existence STILL to this day.

    They were given their own autonomous, self governed mini-states.

    Only half true the US government has ward over the tribes and exercises this authority Frequently. Invading the tribal sovereignty to destroy cash crops for example. This happened on pine ridge not too long ago as the tribe had decided to grow industrial hemp and the sovereignty meant nothing as FBI, ATF, And DEA agents stormed the reservation ripped up and burn the crop near harvest time.

    The best thing that happened to Africans and Indians was being made subject to the United State of America.”

    If you really believe that you a more ignorant than I thought. Looking at the history of Broken treaties and lies from the US government, The open season on Indians in southern California (literally you could go kill Indians by law for a time), the Tribal Extinctions, the lack of true self governing, and the Bad Political handling of tribal lands, misappropriations of tribal resource (By the US government), and theft of billions in monies from the tribes (again resources), etc. etc. (I could go on and on). The American Indians have NOT been made “better” by the occupation of European peoples, it has been Seriously devastating on the tribes and STILL is to this day.

    Have you ever been on a reservation governed by the Indians. They are pest holes of poverty.”

    Exactly my point as to why the Indians are NOT better off under US government management. The tribes were placed, for the most part in areas that were NOT conducive to maintaining a decent economy. Anytime there was resources that could be exploited by the US government the land was annexed away from the tribes, or was stolen by means of deception. Pine Ridge for example it the worst poverty stricken area in the US today. It is also Damn difficult to farm in south Dakota as the soil is VERY sandy. Also there is no industry near the reservation and just as impossible to get industry to move there.

    Traditionally when the Indians WERE making a way of life for themselves and showing prosperity the Surrounding white communities Did everything they could to destroy the tribal Economy. An Excellent example of this is the Annexation of Cherokee lands in the south after the Cherokee were successfully producing crops and livestock and the surrounding white community had almost total crop failure and inability to maintain livestock from lack of feed. Thus the southerner decided the Indians HAD somehow Richer lands and they petitioned the government to get rid of the Indians and annex the lands for white settlement. it was passed and signed by Andrew Jackson IN SPIT of a supreme court injunction requiring the Government to HALT annexation.

     “Indians who leave the Reservations and integrate into American life prosper

    That is false too, only after a generation or two does prosperity start showing with urban Indian families and at this point they remain poor. Of Urban Indians 89% of them are in the lowest income categories. Integration is VERY difficult for Urbans as 93% of ALL Indians that leave the reservation for college Drop out and return to the reservation withing 2 years, because of cultural value differences (the High materialist values of Americans Versus the High Humanist values of Indians) and the inability to adjust or adapt to white culture. Of those that DO stay in urban areas, Mostly due to an inability to get back to their reservations, 48% of them are homeless and are addicted to drugs or alcohol to escape the depression and disgust of American society and it reflection of selfishness.

    No things are far worse for American Indians than it would have been had the America’s NOT been invaded and occupied by the European peoples.

    To claim otherwise is false and wishful thinking, and down right ignorant.

  11. Geeze Louise!  Who let Charlie out of his pen?  Can someone please ready a tranquiliizer dart so a muzzle can be put on him?  Jon, why do you keep arguing with this rabid dawg?  We’ve all heard Charlie’s bullshit over and over on hundreds of other blogs.  Nothing can be gained by arguing with him.

  12. @loner_writer – I’m pretty sure we haven’t seen the last of him – and possibly not even the last of him on FOX. Oh well, even if he disappeared there would be 20 other crazies vying for his position.

    @VilaSpiderHawkAuthor – I’d say that’s entirely true, except I do much more facepalming than laughing at his ridiculous tirades. It was starting to hurt.

  13. I see you’ve been taken in by the troll.  That person is good for a laugh.

    Speaking of trolls, I’m pretty sure that Glenn Beck was trolling everyone, at least I hope he was.

  14. I had the misfortune of watching that show one time (was in the gym so I couldn’t really change the channel because other people were watching). He’s pretty ridiculous…

  15. @LoBornlytesThoughtPalace – You should realize that much of the American Republic was molded after the British. They have house of lords/ house of commons, we have a bicameral congress. They have English Common law, we have the Supreme Court. They have a Constitutional Monarch, we have an Executive President.

    Didn’t they teach you this shit in High School?