Rampant Misunderstanding of Evolution

Look, I’m no scientist. I don’t even claim to be smarter than a lot of people. But when some Internet creationist retard comes up with a line like this, it only serves to make me feel like I’m at least smarter than one more person on the planet.

Very simple. Since you “scientists” claim that evolution is a continual, gradual process, where are the ‘tweeners?

Chimps that can talk (besides you)?
Gorillas that have built split-level ranch houses?
Monkeys that can fashion and use a bow-and-arrow?

Show me any of these, and you will have convinced me….


Talk about impressive ignorance wrapped up into one tidy little package! What makes me mad is that people like this – and there are a lot of them – don’t even care enough to know what the claims of evolution are, let alone whether these would be valid. To them, the statement above represents wholesale their complete understanding of the Theory of Evolution, period. We came from monkeys. My response:

Evolution does not, in any way, make the claim that humans are the pinnacle of the evolutionary process. Therefore, it’s stupid to assume that the next step for chimps would be building condos or talking on cell phones. It’s also stupid because you seem to still be under the misguided impression that humans came from apes. They didn’t, and evolution will never tell you they did.

I’m sorry, this is just funny.

I’m really tired of dealing with stupid bastards and their “my beliefs are right no matter what and I’m not going to listen to you if you say otherwise” attitude! These are the same people pushing for efforts to keep all of our nation’s school children as stupid as they are by voting in creotards to office. Like this guy who, after posting a huge, blinding wall of text, posted this:

ill apologize for my grammar ahead of all the dumb “your grammar sucks” jokes. it was most certainly not my best subject in school and quite boring.

Well, duh! In addition, since it’s clear grammar was too taxing on your ignorant little brain there’s no hope on my part that you would ever come to even the most rudimentary understanding of how anything in the world works, let alone evolution! No, we wouldn’t want to pay attention in school now, would we? We might actually start to…gasp…THINK! And, look, I don’t like to talk about politics so I usually don’t but does it surprise anyone that these morons proclaim from the mountaintops that they’re proud Conservative Republicans and worship Ronald Reagan? I mean, really. Does it?

Wake up, you ridiculous imbeciles! Stop making our country so damned stupid!



  1. Clearly their brains never evolved from chimps.  Psssshaw!

    Anyhow, we and chimps had a common ancestor.  From that ancestor, we went through all the Homo erectus homo sapien – etc stuff, and the other branch when hairier and using all 4 limbs to walk, into monkeys. 

    We didn’t come from monkeys.  We sure as hell could have come from an upright rarely hairy ancestor who actually went down into a quadrupedal monkey as it branched into the ape region.

    But seriously, you have to be pretty ignorant to say that shit.

  2. Better chimps than goldfish. Seriously, I had someone once say to me something like, “We couldn’t possibly have gone from being goldfish to being human in only a few million years!” Needless to say, the discussion stopped there. I’m gonna pass on arguing with someone when they have not even the slightest bit of knowledge about the topic at hand.

  3. Care to share where this came from so I can go uber trolling?

    I need to make a post of the worst arguments I’ve ever heard about evolution.

    Oh, and excellent points, and MOST excellent image use.

  4. see, you’re right.  Evolution does not imply that something is getting better.  I try to call the theory transformatinism.  I figure that would give it more geological feel because that’s what it appears to be.

    Humans are primates and all primates have a common ancestor.

    I think that  humans developed into what they did because they had to carry things.  THere’s a gorilla that started walking when he had to carry a brick.  Eventually, they learned and as they did became more complex. 

    I assume that the ability to speak, which is what separates us, came from cold weather.

  5. “Monkeys that can fashion and use a bow-and-arrow?”

    How about Chimps that make Spears to kill bush babies so they can eat them?

    Video and story HERE

    Or how about Primates using interpreted Symbols to communicate with scientists

    See Kanzi

    Plenty of evidence for “tweeners” just depends on what he would accept as true…

  6. Also I have to comment about this:

    “In addition, since it’s clear grammar was too taxing on your ignorant
    little brain there’s no hope on my part that you would ever come to even
    the most rudimentary understanding of how anything in the world works”

    That’s Not fair, I have shitty grammar, but that’s Primarily because I could never grasp some of the concepts, I tried hard too really. But I still got a A’s in Calculus 1, 2, and 3 and Physics because Math patterns and structures make so much more sense to me..

    So just be careful about labeling someone because of grammar, Unless its OBVIOUS they are really that stupid…

    I r good art speeling…. You know like that…

  7. It would be nice if after telling us how these creotards don’t understand the claims of evolution that you would tell us what those claims are.  When I came to this post, I was really hoping to learn something about the theory of evolution, because I don’t really know much about it.  Instead, I was treated to nothing more than yet another “evolutionist’s” diatribe against the “creationists.”  Yawn.

  8. @haloed – My understanding of the theory of evolution is that the tree-dwelling quadruped came first, and it was jumping down from the trees and standing up on the two hind legs that was the evolutionary step.  Your comment appears to imply the opposite.

  9. @haloed – These people are reveling in their obnoxious stupidity. I’ve argued with them and finally just had to vent. The problem is that some of my friends and family – while they may not actually voice these things – are as ignorant of the facts as the morons I quoted.

    @maniacsicko – Nobody you know. This is from a different site.

    @SerenaDante – Goldfish? Really? With much shame, I admit that during my fundie Christian years I used to say, “If we’re evolving then why haven’t we grown wings? It would be more beneficial to fly than walk!” Now I have to facepalm myself.

    @GodlessLiberal – It’s a members-only section on a motorcycle forum the residents call “the Dungeon” where non-motorcycle-related threads go. There are about five people in there who glorify willful ignorance and illustrate everything that’s wrong with our educational and political system in this country. Not a single thread gets started where these guys don’t go off the deep end.

    What I love is that I’m one of a group of about six atheists on there who are able to verbalize rational arguments and debunk their crap. One of the regular posters on the site used to be a hardcore Mormon until months and months of “Dungeon” threads convinced him to just take a deeper look at what he believed.

  10. @Volizden – Look at your post. It has punctuation, capitalization, and paragraph breaks. It’s easy to read because your individual thoughts are separated out. The person to whom I was referring couldn’t even find it in his arsenal of random symbols to use a line break. His posts are barely legible. I’m sorry if I offended you, but you seem to grasp the basic concepts better than some anyway.

  11. Sorry but I really don’t understand posts like this.. In my very short time of being “active” on Xanga (I’ve had an account for years but never really went to people’s sites that I didnt’ know)…I continuously see this same pattern of argument…which is “Let me find the DUMBEST possible arguments of all time from the DUMBEST people I’ve ever met and argue against it.” (And thus my own belief is validated or true). This type of argument is almost a collective of many logical fallacies wrapped into one. One can easily create an entire blog about “Dumb things Creationists say”…”Dumb things atheists say” …”Dumb things people with hairy ears say” etc etc etc etc etc……..

  12. @Airborne_Muse – I apologize if you thought this was going to be a sciencey post. It’s nothing more than a rant. I also appended the post with “Look, I’m no scientist” so I hope you weren’t misled. For the record, I’m not an “evolutionist,” whatever that is. I’m merely a person who has done enough research on my own to determine that – to me – it appears to be the best possible explanation for our origins at the moment. If something comes along later on that blows evolution out of the water, I’ll adjust my understanding accordingly. So far, “creation science” hasn’t done that for me.

    Thanks for your comments.

  13. @wizexel22 – Would you believe this isn’t the dumbest quote I’ve encountered on the same forum in recent history? It’s one of many. It’s an average example of the misinformation and ignorance I encounter on a daily basis. This post is simply a rant. It’s me venting because no matter how many times you explain how wrong these assumptions are and no matter how small the words you use, these people are unable to grasp it.

    I don’t disagree with you in even the slightest that everybody says stupid things from time to time and could easily be the target of a rant like this. I say stupid things too (especially when it comes to politics). But you have to admit that when it comes to evolution there is no shortage of “duh” to go around. Fish in a barrel, man.

    Also, just to clarify, I wasn’t arguing against this dumbest-of-the-dumb quotes. I was arguing against willful ignorance, which this quote exemplified.

  14. @Airborne_Muse – LOL my comment was a joke mostly.  I personally haven’t done research to know what the common ancestor we all are derived from looks like, I was just making funny comments.  I did say we “could have” evolved from a biped.  Was not being factual… just stating how little many of the anti-evolutionists think wrong things.

  15. @Airborne_Muse – I totally agree. I’m actually agnostic on the issue…..and not due to any lack of research on this topic. Evolution is the best natural explanation of the natural world….but its foolish to simply accept it for what it is without question. (Funny how many people will so ardently support evolution in the name of science and yet don’t have anything but superficial knowledge on the subject and never even questioned the theory enough to explore the issue deeply.). The fact is, Darwinian evolutionary theory is a “scientific theory” but cannot hold up to the rigorous testing as in the fields of physics or mathematics….and the fact is Darwinian evolutionary theory  has serious issues that any serious and objective evolutionist have to admit to.

    It seems to me the complete avoidance of evolutionists to address these issues shows a lack of critical thinking that should be a foundation of scientific thought. Evolutionists claim Creationists make people dumber. I think that the teaching of anything that is taught dogmatically and there are severe pressures in place not to question that teaching in the slightest is what actually makes people dumber. I also (from the title) thought this might be an interesting post….but like you mentioned….just another “Look what this dumb Creationist said….aren’t they so stupid?!” post. Yawn.

  16. @CoderHead – I get this is a rant. And at first I got it….but even in a short time….I’ve now seen SO MANY of these types of rants against Creationitsts….that I guess I’m just curious why there are so many of these rants and why its such a big deal. Everyone encounters great stupidity on a daily basis….. I guess I’ve just accepted it and dumb people just have no effect on me now. But I guess I can see the need to rant about this issue too.

    Also, for some reason, a lot of “evolutionists” tend to bother me more than Creationists. When I meet a young earth Creationist….its like, I know exactly why that person is so dogmatic in their belief. On the other hand, I feel like there are many evolutionists that are just as dogmatic…and that they don’t see that their metaphysical worldview affects their position as well. Further, many evolutionists claim that they are purely intelligent/logical/scientific….but have very little knowledge of the topic. So I hold these evolutionists to a greater degree of responsibility since they are claiming to argue on the side of science.

  17. @Airborne_Muse – What would you like to learn about evolution? I’ve been looking for an excuse to write about it, since I’m getting sick of the subject matter I’ve been railing about. Send me a PM with some requests, otherwise I could strait up link you to some of my older, pure science posts.

  18. @Airborne_Muse, @wizexel22 – OK guys, I get it. You actually make a good point so here’s what I’m going to do: I’m going to make a serious post about my understanding of evolution and why I think it’s the best explanation we’ve got. I’m not promising it today, but I’ll churn it out here soon. Again, this was nothing more than a rant. I apologize for getting your hackles raised.

  19. I’m not sure if you are arguing that people who believe in evolution are stupid..or if people who believe in evolution but don’t grasp its basic concepts are stupid.  I would like to know, however.

  20. @CoderHead – OH no, I was not offended just cautioning you on what seemed kind of like a broad sense, blanket statement about grammar…

    I misunderstood your statement about:
    “Like this guy who, after posting a huge, blinding wall of text, posted this”

    I didn’t realize is was literally a wall of text lol… My Apologies

    I used spell check on EVERYTHING….

  21. @wizexel22 – “I‘ve now seen SO MANY of these types of rants
    against Creationists….that I guess I’m just curious why there are so
    many of these rants and why its such a big deal.

    There are so many because there are so many ignorant threads comments that continue to this day in SPITE of evidence that has counter them… ALSO because people go behind and read said comments SOMETIMES thinking its legitimate and take it as true or solid.

    Also when you take into account the facts when it comes to evolution. 90% of what christian apologetics say about evolution being false, is a flat out lie, that they themselves are only Parroting. Evolution is a proven theory NOT only by biology but multiple fields of supporting evidence. Archaeology, Paleontology, Cosmology/Astronomy, Etc. etc.

    Creationist have show in NUMEROUS cases that they DO NOT independantly study but instead take “answers in genisis.org” or some such site supporting their positions claims and NOT any other independent source (because it is tainted by non believers) as true or factual.

    you can see this throughout the christian community on many different topic like, Evolution, Global warming, the Kennedy Assassination…

    Basically this kind of post get cycled and recycled so that a basis of evidence get formed for the ignorance of the average creationist and here is more proof kind of thing. As rationalist, we LOVE evidence, and we can find plenty of it for this topic

    Just my 2 cents worth on your question

  22. @CoderHead – Cool. My hackles have subsided.

    @Volizden – “Evolution is a proven theory”. I think you have a different definition of proven.Just like a theory is different in science than in everyday vernacular….so is the defintion of “proven”. As far as scientific proof….evolution is not proven….not even remotely remotely close. I wonder how you can say that when no serious scientist should say it is proven. In fact, to get technical, almost nothing in biology is proven….as nothing in biology holds up to the rigorous type of testing of principles of physics or mathematics. Even your everyday college biology professor (along with any serious physicist, mathematicitian, or philosopher) will admit to this. But I don’t wanna nitpick about what is technically provable (after all, technically, mathematics itself is not proven by science…but by math itself and is thus circular) but the greater issue is that degree is important. Darwinian evolution has serious issues that all leading evolutionists will admit to (I simply agree with their assesment that problems in a theory are not a reason to abandon a theory)….but to say Evolution is a fact and scientifically proven is borderline ridiculous.

  23. @GodlessLiberal – I only have a rudimentary understanding of the theory beyond what I read in Darwin a geological age ago.  Why don’t we start with you linking me your posts (I only started reading you recently) and then I might know enough to ask intelligent questions from there.