Snipers for Jesus?

Something’s really bugging me. It’s the blatant disregard for the sanctity of life displayed by religious people. I’m not talking about the sanctity of their family’s or their friends’ lives. I’m talking about everyone else. Take, for example, the fine, upstanding Republican Christian military wife and mother’s view of how to handle immigration (the checked answer is mine, not hers). Is this what Jesus would do?


Fuck no! What the barnacles is going on here??!! You know how many other people answered the same way? 3,700! That’s right, there are almost four thousand blood-thirsty motherfuckers out there who would much rather set Mexico up as a human shooting gallery than really try to figure out a solution to a legal and social problem. As if shooting people isn’t a social problem in itself.

This is not an isolated incident. I see things like this all the time from the I’m-more-moral-because-I-know-god-personally crowd. Topics like welfare, immigration, war, poverty, and women’s rights are dominated by the inane, mind-numbing garbage spewing from the mouths of people who proudly wave around their “WWJD” banners. Am I an angry atheist? When I see shit like this, hell yeah I am. What would Jesus do, my ass.

For the record, I’m currently in a discussion with this same person who is arguing that religion doesn’t amplify insanity and promote anti-social behavior. Huh.



  1. This surprises you? Jesus told GWB to invade Iraq and he did and 1 million dead Iraqis left in its wake.

    Small potatoes if you consider God drowned everyone but a handful at one time.

    Bloody cult that Xtianity.

  2. @tendollar4ways – It doesn’t surprise me. It angers me. Christians will scream and cry over how violent and bloody Islam and atheism are but it’s clear that if you let them have their way they’d be shooting people left and right. Goddamn I’m so pissed off about this!

  3. This is rather nauseating.  They rally so hard against abortion, and yet, the moment illegal immigrants step foot into their country, some of them want to shoot them to death?!  What about an illegal Mexican woman coming into the country to have an abortion?!  Do you shoot her too?!  Do you make her braid dead so the fetus can survive, then shoot the illegal fetus!?!?!?  LIKE WHAT THE FUCK

  4. Yet, they all completely forget that none of our families were born here, unless you’re  American Indian, and even then, it’s hard to find someone who’s bloodline doesn’t have any other nationality in there somewhere.

    It’s fucking ridiculous. These jerks tell people to “go back to where they came from.” I’m sure  they wouldn’t want anyone telling their ancestors that. It really wasn’t THAT long ago that my family came over from Europe.

  5. @haloed – I doubt the people spouting this nonsense have even put that much thought into it. All they know is that “them damned Mexicans are taking our jobs and living off of our tax dollars for free!” So yeah, why not just shoot them all? Ugh.

  6. @AmeliaHart – Yeah, they are. The problem as I see it is that religion acts as a highly-effective amplifier. I’d love to post the conversation I had with two Christians on that topic but it’s really long and reading through it again would probably make my brain explode.

  7. @AmeliaHart – This is one of the attitudes that really bothers me about Christianity. (I know this not what you meant but it is what came to mind).

    Christians beleive everyone is evil. I find this as a cop out and an excuse for being an ahole. Yea, yea…they say we should all strive to be good like Jesus but they also say this is impossible since we are all evil (sinners) and the only thing you can do is accept Jesus but you will always be a sinner.

    So murder Mexicans, be gay or don’t beleive in Jesus…..all the same cuz we are all sinners.

    Twisted, twisted philosophy and religion. I see it as a way to divorce oneself from owning ones own actions.

  8. @CoderHead – The key is religion can act as an amplifier. It’s also had the reverse effect as well. 

    @tendollar4ways – Actually I was brought up Catholic where they believe everyone is good and evil is outside of themselves.  Which is why the song Amazing Grace was very rarely played at my church.  And if it was the words “and saved a wretch like me” was changed. Just an interesting factoid.