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What Even Are Hymns?

Jon and Logan talk about traditional and contemporary Christian music and why churches only use 50 pages of 300-page hymnals. Also, there’s a Veggie Tales Easter egg in there somewhere. Also:

Great Apollyon, grim and awful, steeped in gore and stained in blood
Death, with all his fearsome forces, has besieged the Son of God.
Satan, clothed with evil armor, darkly gleaming, proud and cold
Merciless, he joins the battle, armed and clad with pow’r untold.

Jon talks to Priss about being a musician, taking inspiration from religious hymns, and which contemporary Christian bands are good and which ones are shit.
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Logan talks about Amazon and their inevitable world domination with an army of drones and a blimp mothership of doom!

Intro music by Austin Colón:

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Oldie But Goodie

The Hand of the Almighty by John R. Butler is a stroke of genius and I’ve always enjoyed it. Having read In_Reason_I_Trust’s post about Christian death metal I decided to post this in case anyone hasn’t already heard it. The song centers around the F word (gasp!) so if you’re going to be puritanical you may want to read a different post.