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What Even Is Dualism?

Jon and Logan talk about the coexistence of good vs. evil and how Ubisoft has to nerf or buff gods based on their attack and defense stats.

Jon finishes his review of Anthony DeStefano’s book “Inside The Atheist Mind” and concludes that it’s a steaming pile of shit.

Logan bids listeners a fond farewell to overly sappy music and an inflated ego. The podcast will miss him, but the show must go on!

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What Even Is Theosophy?

Jon & Logan talk about the Theosophical Society and how it was started by a WOO girl.

Jon & Logan talk to Aaron and GW of Embrace The Void about philosophy, a god named Bartholomew, and the Illuminati.
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Logan schools Jon on memes. DON’T EAT TIDE PODS!!

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We have a Patreon page!
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Debunking Myself!

I was emptying out a three-ring binder yesterday and found a paper I had written on August 3, 1999 for a Philosophy 1100 class at Webster University.  I still considered myself a Christian in 1999 and it wasn’t until the following year that I even entertained the idea that I might be agnostic or an (gasp!) atheist.  I’ll continue to document that journey through my regular posts, but I wanted to take a moment to  transcribe this paper and show that even I, on the verge of a huge shift in worldview, could cling to the most outrageous and fallacious arguments in the hopes of retaining that failing grasp on a faith that had, for most of my life, defined me.  In a strange and somewhat satisfying twist I’ll address my own faulty reasoning and debunk myself.  Enjoy!

Debunking for Dummies

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