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Why Not My President

Homunculus Drumpf

Since Drumpf was elected as our next President I’ve used the #NotMyPresident hashtag a few times. I realize that this hashtag, in the wake of the Portland and Oakland protests that turned violent and resulted in property damage and at least one life lost, has become somewhat marred with irrationality, “cry-baby” entitlement, and unjustified anger. This is obviously not representative of my views on #NotMyPresident as an idea. This post is intended to clarify why I still use #NotMyPresident.

The United States of America is ruled by a representative government. The men and women we elect to government office, especially at the federal level, are presumed to represent the people who elected them. These men and women are the face of America in domestic and foreign relationships and their conduct in these relationships reflects the (presumed) way the American people conduct themselves in relationships. During my lifetime we’ve had Presidents that have had their shortcomings, stumbled here and there, and may not have governed the way I would have preferred but I’ve never known a President to be blatantly ignorant, bigoted, misogynistic (and this), inconsistent, dishonest (and this), and petty until now. These are literally the worst possible qualities that we, as a people, could ever put on public display in our personal lives and now we’ve elected a representative – no, THE representative – for our country who proudly, publicly, and consistently embodies every one of them.

This man-child will be the face of America for the next four years on the news, in papers, all over the Internet, and in front of foreign leaders. This petulant infant whose ego is so fragile it cannot withstand a single insult will be negotiating policies that require humility, patience, and wisdom on behalf of the American people – not just some of them, but ALL of the people in this country. This maniac is appointing people to his staff that are known racists, radicals, and clowns who will be making decisions that affect the entire nation. Not a single one of them represents any of the values I feel America should exemplify. None of them.

The Smug Brothers
I’m Smug, and this is my brother, Smug.

I fully understand how Democracy works and I’ve already come to terms with the fact that he’s going to be the President of the United States of America. I’m aware that we’ll be looking at his smug, silver-spoon-stuffed, arrogant face for the next four years and there really isn’t anything we can do about it.

Make no mistake, though, the President-Elect and Vice President-Elect and all of their little goblins who will gain power in January reflect neither my life, my beliefs, my love for my fellow Americans, my hopes and dreams for the future of this country, nor the way I’d like the world to see me and that’s why Donald J. Drumpf is now and will always be #NotMyPresident.


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